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Lyric Coloratura Soprano



It was a beautiful experience to return to Nijmegen, the Netherlands, with family and friends, joining forces with collaborative pianist Sebastiaan Oosthout to present a sold-out recital of love, joy and madness. The historic venue's acoustics and the warm reception from the audience created an electrifying atmosphere. Sebastiaan's exceptional artistry elevated every note, contributing to the recital's success. Buoyed by the enthusiastic response, we're thrilled to announce a longer tour in the fall. Nijmegen has set the stage for future musical adventures, and we can't wait to share our passion with new audiences. The journey continues, fueled by the echoes of a truly unforgettable night.

On Stage..

Holly will sing the role of Gilda in Rigoletto with Opera York on March 1st and 3rd 2024. 

Check out the Schedule page for all details.

Sharing my Heart with Nijmegen; Recital on Tour

The Reviews are In! 

"I was impressed with the way Holly Chaplin sang Léontine, the object of Valcour’s affections & mystery gifts. It’s quite different from The Queen of the Night, which I heard her sing in Richmond Hill recently. Léontine also has coloratura and a few high notes, but also dramatic legato passages. It’s a daunting role that sometimes lies low, but Holly was up to it."
-Leslie Barcza on 
L'Amant Anonyme, Opera in Concert.
Barcza Blog 19/03/2023
"Holly Chaplin’s Queen of the Night was sung as well as I’ve ever heard the role sung, and with the aid of Richmond Hill Centre’s superb acoustics, her pinging coloratura was especially dazzling."
-Leslie Barcza on 
Magic Flute, Opera York.
Barcza Blog 06/03/2023

" Holly Chaplin is particularly impressive as Léontine and manages a nice mix of power and agility especially in her big aria in the second half."

John Girks, Opera Ramblings. March 2023.

 "The stand out performance came from soprano Holly Chaplin who charmingly portrayed the devious Susanna, adding several well-placed octaves which showed off her clear, almost bell-like, top register."
-Matthew Timmermans "Voicebox-I due Figaro. Opera Canada. vol.58 no.4.  Winter 2018

"Holly Chaplin, who plays his lady love Cunegonde, bangs those high notes in “Glitter and Be Gay” with the ease of someone flipping an errant hair out of her face. And, like Candide, we get to watch her grow from being a sex object to a wise woman."
-Lynn Slotkin "Review; Candide(Barrie)" Nov.27th 2017

"A little over two years ago I heard Holly Chaplin sing Cunegonde in Talk is Free Theatre’s Candide, a remarkable combination of beautiful singing & great acting. Her Josephine was another opportunity for us to see what she can do, and she showed us. Whenever she wanted to open up that voice she filled the hall seemingly without effort, while making us like her character every time she appeared."
-Leslie Barcza "TOT Pinafore" Mar. 8th 2020.

"I’ve never seen the Queen of the Night not only hit her high notes but do martial arts at the same time.  But this was not the Queen of the Night, it was the aptly named Ample Bliss, wonderfully portrayed by Holly Chaplin."
-Leslie Barcza "The Truth About James Bond" Nov.12th 2016

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